I Love Chocolate I Love Thermomix (2018 Edition)

I Love Chocolate I Love Thermomix (2018 Edition)

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A chocoholics dream, the 2018 edition of I Love Chocolate I Love Thermomix by Janie Turner contains 87 mouth-watering and delicious Thermomix recipes for your TM5. 

Featuring Janie Turner and eight master chocolatiers. Use your Thermomix expertise to cook, bake and create with chocolate. This cookbook includes a valuable chapter on ganaches and tempering chocolate too. 

A heavenly selection of chocolate recipes for every occasion from eight chocolate experts, all made easy with Thermomix instructions, and illustrated with mouth-watering photography. Recipes include truffles, cakes, confectionery, drinks, and all kinds of chocolate treats. Whether you are making the Spicy Hot Chocolate or creating a Royale Gateau of sponge layered with chocolate mousse, each of these recipes is made faster and easier with the Thermomix.

Master Chocolatiers contributors: Beverley Dunkley, Dirk Schonkeren, Iain Burnett, John Huber, John Slattery, Mark Tilling, Ruth Hinks and Thierry Dumouchel.